Unify Efficiency Reform

Unify Efficiency Reform

Unify Efficiency ReformUnify Efficiency ReformUnify Efficiency Reform

 Elect Eric Yollick for Judge, 457th District Court of Montgomery County 

About Eric

UNIFY  Eric Yollick will work to unify the Republican Party behind our strong slate of candidates and the GOP Platform to beat the democrats like a worn out drum! 

EFFICIENCY Eric Yollick will work tirelessly to move the civil docket in Montgomery county to free up courts and save the taxpayers money. 

REFORM Eric Yollick will watch County government finances like a hawk as a member of the Board of District Judges to ensure the "Reform" the Republican Party has promised will actually occur. 

Eric Yollick is a 30-year civil litigation attorney (licensed in Texas in 1989). He's lived in Montgomery County since 1992. He's handled around 200 civil jury trials in his career and probably well over 1,000 bench trials. He's licensed in Colorado and the District of Columbia as well as many federal courts across Texas and the United States. Eric has worked for Republican candidates and to support the Republican Party since 1976. 

Eric was born and grew up in Dallas. He graduated from St. Mark's School of Texas in 1979. He received his undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, from Princeton University in 1983. His degree was in economic geology, which is the term to describe hard-rock mining geology. Eric received the Edward Sampson Prize in Economic Geology for his senior thesis in which he studied the mineralogy and geochemistry of garnets and in which he studied the petrology of the Sulphur Hill Mine in northern New Jersey. He attended graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin in high temperature geochemistry where he studied thermodynamics applications to dynamic igneous fluids. 

Eric attended SMU School of Law and graduated in 1989. Eric had already passed the Bar Examination and had his law license in his pocket the day he graduated from Law School. In 2006, Eric decided to go back to graduate school. He received a Certificate from the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M University in Advanced International Relations in 2009. In 2017, Eric received a Masters in Military History from Sam Houston State University.

Eric has been politically active for a long time. At Princeton, he was President of the College Conservatives Club, actively involved in Ronald Reagan's successful 1980 campaign for President, Editor of a conservative news magazine called "The Princeton Review," and active in the student government. Eric loved fighting with the school newspaper, "The Daily Princetonian." One of the liberal reporters there with whom he constantly feuded was a student one year ahead of him at Princeton by the name of Elena Kagan, who is now a United States Supreme Court Justice. Eric was also active in the Princeton College Republicans.

Eric was President of the Montgomery County Pachyderm Club in the mid-1990s. He founded and served as the first President of the Republican Leadership Council from 1997 to 1999, which was a precursor to the Tea Party movement.

He has been a Republican Precinct Chairman, an Election Judge, a State Convention Delegate, author of an anti-government-spending plank ("5, 5, and 8 by 2008")  which appeared in the Republican Party of Texas Platform in the late 1990s, a major contributor to conservative candidates, and an activist and volunteer.

Eric was elected countywide to the Montgomery County Hospital District Board of Directors in 2004. The Board had appointed him to fill an unexpired term in 2003. While on the Board, Eric, along with a slim conservative majority, drastically reduced spending, cut out the Community Relations Department, ended retail payments of oncology drugs and replaced them with Medicare rates of payment, ended the ridiculous mobile medical clinic program, and fended off an effort to provide free medical care to illegal aliens Eric and the conservative majority on the Board cut spending and passed the lowest tax rate in the history of MCHD in August, 2006. Having accomplished his goals on the Board, Eric resigned 15 minutes after the Board meeting ended where the Board passed the low tax rate.

In June, 2016, Eric made a decision that he would spend the rest of his life working towards smaller government and greater freedom from government interference for all. During that time period, Eric started an online newspaper, The Golden Hammer, and has been involved in numerous issue campaigns, candidate campaigns, and conservative organizations. During that time period, Eric believe his greatest accomplishment has been to provide information to other conservatives to empower them in accomplishing their political goals. As part of that process, Eric worked very hard to root out Montgomery County government corruption, such as the Phonoscope fiber optic cable scandal (and its main perpetrator Marc Davenport) and such as a County Auditor (Phyllis Martin) who just wasn't doing her job.

Eric also worked very hard to elect Mark Keough as a "reform" County Judge and to elect Steve Toth to the Texas House of Representatives. Eric was actively involved in the strategy and funding of the Victory 2018 Steering Committee of the Montgomery County Republican Party where the Committee led Montgomery County to a huge General Election margin for Republicans over democrats which was instrumental in the re-election of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. In 2018, the Victory Committee organized the most successful General Election campaign this County had seen in decades. Eric was proud to be one of the leaders of that Committee.

Eric has devoted his time, treasure, sweat, and tears to his quest for government reform. Eric's candidacy for District Judge of the 457th District Court is a part of his efforts to reform government. He hopes to be an exemplary District Judge and show the world how great a District Court can be.


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